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Suzuki Taster Programme

3.5 years+

Piano with many instruments

Programme Description

During this 17-week program, children will be introduced to the piano, violin, cello and voice. Basics such as the geography, the parts of these instruments and their functions, playing posture, etc. will be covered. Other activities include story-based singing, purposeful movement activities, ear training, and music literacy, etc.

Toward the end of this program, children will develop a love of these instruments and a good music foundation, and will be ready for the next step: instrumental/vocal program.


Class Structure

5 mins warm up

10 mins aural/theory

15 mins pre-instrument

Course Structure

Lesson 1-3 pre-piano

Lesson 4-6 pre-violin

Lesson 7-9 pre-cello

Lesson 10-12 pre-voice

Lesson 13-17 evaluation and rehearsal

Lesson 18 recital

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