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congratulations for reaching it's 5 year anniversary in 2024!
Seed adopts the best from the Suzuki philosophy where parents and teachers plays a vital role in the child's music education.

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What is the Suzuki method?

Teachers, students, and parents working together as a team

The Suzuki method is a music curriculum and teaching philosophy created by Japanese violinist, Shinichi Suzuki. The method aims for parents and teachers to create an environment for learning music which parallels the environment of acquiring a native language.

every child can learn

The journey to your child's musical proficiency starts by creating the ideal environment.

early beginning

Crucial for developing mental processes and muscle coordination.

Listening to music should begin at birth. Formal training may begin at age three or four, but it is never too late to begin.

Involving the parents

Parents are encouraged to attend lessons with the child and serve as in-home teachers during the week.

One parent often learns to play before the child, and understands what the child is expected to do.


Listening to music every day is important.

Children learn words after hearing them spoken hundreds of times by others. Similarly, listening to pieces in the Suzuki repertoire every day allows the child to know them immediately.


The child’s effort to learn an instrument should be met with sincere praise and encouragement.

Each child learns at his or her own rate, building on small steps so each one can be mastered. Children are also encouraged to support each other’s efforts, fostering cooperation.

Learning with other children

Regular performances and social gatherings can boost confidence.

In addition to private lessons, children participate in regular group lessons and performance at which they learn from and are motivated by one another.


Constant repetition is essential.

Children do not learn a word or piece of music and then discard it. They add it to their vocabulary or repertoire, gradually using it in new and more sophisticated ways.

Our Faculty

A passion for teaching

Our Suzuki teachers are great communicators, passionately trained to understand that each child learns at his or her own rate, and that effort should be met with sincere praise.
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Five-star client reviews.Five-star client reviews.Five-star client reviews.Five-star client reviews.Five-star client reviews.

Sincere thanks to Seed Music Academy, which provides a conclusively positive music environment for cherishing Rosalyn in fine music! I believe Suzuki program's philosophy: "All children can be well-educated here!"

Five-star client reviews.Five-star client reviews.Five-star client reviews.Five-star client reviews.Five-star client reviews.

“Teachers at Seed are enthusiastic.  They work very hard to develop engaging piano lessons based on the individual characteristics, needs, and abilities of their students. I am very grateful that my two sons can be taught by Seed's teachers.”


where learning takes place

as important as how it takes place

Our Studio

An inspiring environment to explore

Inspired by a seed that can grow into a big tree, the clean sheet design creates an inspiring environment to explore. A green carpet area serves as a nurturing ground for beginners, while the blue wall represents an open sky where students are unlimited in their musical flights.

An optimal learning environment

Our premium studio is equipped with four finest grand pianos for an optimal learning environment.
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Spring Learning Centre 3/F

An award-winning relaxation and cafe area

The award-winning facilities at Spring are an integral part of the experience and benefit from a clean sheet design. Intertwined with the cafe area are several pockets of space including three Spring Pods that serve as cozy cocoons for users.
Our tree house is another focal point inspired by the greenery outside and offers our young adventures a place to converge.

Upcoming events

From special recitals and open days to regular trial classes, we offer a variety of events that foster a culture of cooperation and encouragement between students, teachers, and parents.

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small seeds can become towering sequoias

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