Graduation Recitals

Guidelines for graduation recitals.

Recital at Seed Music Academy

  • Piano Recital: a recital will replace one lesson
  • String Recital: replace 2 lessons
  • Max 8 guests or less: No additional fee
  • More than 9 guests: $1000 facility fee

Recital outside of Seed Music Academy

If you require teacher's attendance:

  • Outside recital will replace 2 class time
  • Parents will be responsible for venue rental and teacher's travel costs

piano accompaniment

String Students

  • String students must perform with pianist for graduations
  • 1 lesson will be replaced with rehearsal with pianist (30/45/60 mins)
  • 1 lesson will be replaced with the recital (30/45/60 mins)
  • piano rehearsal and graduation will take place at 906 Centre Point
  • Recital slots are on Saturdays 5:30pm. RSVP require.
  • Extra rehearsal time is $300/15 mins
  • Contact our administrator to arrange a rehearsal and recital date