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Composition Programme

6 years +

writing on music score

Programme Description

Expressing oneself has become an important necessity in building up strong musicianship, while shaping children's artistic character.

Students will be introduced to the fundamental notions of composition. Score analysis, listening sessions, critical thinking and discussions are some of the pathways to forging one’s musicianship and creativity. Improvisation becomes the driving force in exploring children’s’ hidden impetuous for experimentation and joy for music. From classic to romantic and from film scoring to famous orchestral scores, each lesson will be a surprising journey to the endless world of music-making. How can an abstract idea evolve to a complete music piece? 

Students will have the opportunity to premiere their compositions in a live concert upon course completion! 

Course Structure

first semester (cello)

  • Introduction to the basic music structure and analysis
  • Melodies and rhythm in music-making
  • How to write for the Cello: techniques, range, sound
  • Repertoire for Piano and Cello
  • Final project: Composition for Piano and Cello

second semester (violin)

  • Introduction to basic orchestration
  • The instruments of the orchestras around the world
  • Listening: various timbres, matching instruments, organizing the orchestra
  • How to write for the Violin: techniques, range, sound
  • Repertoire for Piano and Violin
  • Final project: Composition for Piano and Violin

third semester (voice)

  • Introduction to the choir. voicing, notation, lyrics
  • Genres Identification, the role of the voice to the global songwriting
  • How to write for Voice: techniques, range, breathing
  • Final project: Composition for Piano and Voice

fourth semester (arrangement)

  • Introduction to arranging: from small ensemble to piano solo
  • Introduction to conducting. Students will conduct their own pieces from Semesters 1, 2 & 3
  • Film Music & Musical. Themes and leitmotif
  • The procedure of music recording
  • Final project: Composition for Piano, Cello and Violin/or Voice

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