Dr. Benjamin Wong Masterclass


Last month we were very happy to receive Dr. Benjamin Wong, a pianist and educator originally from Hong Kong and now based in the U.S. Dr. Wong led a masterclass for six of our advanced piano students and a teaching workshop for our piano faculty. We are so grateful to Dr. Wong for sharing his expertise and bringing new ideas to our students and faculty!

One of the parents who attended with her daughter shared her experience:

Thanks Dr. Wong. It was the very first masterclass Valerie attended in her music journey. Your valuable advice was so precise and practical not only on the piece she performed but also applicable to her continuous learning. We enjoy your class very much and wish you can come back and teach us soon.

Another student and parent, inspired by Dr. Wong's knowledge and artistry, waxed poetic about the event:

A Master Class with Dr. Benjamin Wong

(Tristan & his Dad)

The atmosphere was electric with jittery anticipation.

Tristan seemed a littlest of unrest.

With an air of calm and authority strode in Dr. Benjamin Wong.

He bade Tristan towards the piano to start the confabulation.

Tristan strived to do his best

With a Mozart minuet and Burgmüller’s Arabesque.

With him at ease and spent his nervous energy,

Dr. Benjamin serenaded all with his erudition.

We were left inspired, invigorated and motivated by this Master of scholarly musicology!

Our faculty also enjoyed Dr. Wong's teacher workshop!

Many thanks to Dr. Wong, and we hope to see you again soon!

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